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Poll:What do you think is the best way to heal from sexual violence?

Talking 41 % (17 votes)

Being with supportive friends 29 % (12 votes)

Getting wasted 7 % (3 votes)

Getting active and playing sports 17 % (7 votes)

Playing music really loud and rocking out 5 % (2 votes)

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Come on in to the Sex’N’Respect website!

Just a heads up, this website has some stuff about sexual violence which might be upsetting,
especially if you or someone close to you has experienced it.

If you find yourself getting upset, make sure you get support or take a few deep breaths
and think about something that makes you smile.

Some of the topics in here may also conflict with your beliefs.
We think that if a person is harming someone, or their human rights
IT IS NOT OK - no matter what your beliefs are.

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