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Drugs, alcohol and you

We all know some young people drink and take drugs - that’s not the issue here.

This is just about staying safe these 6 simple points could be helpful to think about if you do choose to drink, use drugs or do both. (BTW, if you’re worried about your own drug or alcohol use - check out the CADS website).

things to think about when using drugs or alcohol

1. Take notice of how your body responds.

When you drink or use drugs - when your body says “enough!” it’s a good idea to slow down or just chill for while. Also take notice of how you act when you use drugs or alcohol.

Did you know?

Marijuana (weed) is the 2nd most common drug used in drug rape.

Do you get aggro or disrespectful? If you do, then maybe you need to take a look at your drinking or drug use. If you can’t be respectful towards yourself or others when you’re wasted - it’s time to do something different. Read on to find out more if you’d like help with your drug or alcohol use.

2. Watch how many drinks and drugs you're taking.

You may just want to get out of it, but remember there are some effects that can be really damaging - physically, emotionally and/or spiritually. Read on for more info about the impact drugs and alcohol can have.

Did you know?

A study of many NZ high schools found that approximately 1 in 12 high school students said they were gay, bi, or queer.

3. If someone offers you free drinks or drugs, and you're OK with it, then cool - but if you don't know or trust them, maybe it's not such a good plan.

Everyone knows not to take drinks or drugs from strangers as you have no clue what might be in them. But what if you know the person giving them to you? Even with people you know remember to question WHY someone is giving you heaps of alcohol or drugs. Ask WHY do they want to get you wasted?

On the flip side remember, even if you think it might be fun times, or mean you’ll get what you want, it is NEVER OK to give people drugs and alcohol if they are not aware of it - or not aware of how much you are giving them.

4. If you start feeling more out of it than you think you should be, think about what you could do to make yourself safer.

Ask a friend to get you home safely or call a trusted adult.

5. If you're out with your mates make sure none of them end up being a Nigel No-Mates.

You don’t have to be a babysitter, but you do need to look out for each other. Read on for more about having a good time when you’re out and about.

Did you know?

If a pregnant female drinks alcohol, smokes cigarettes or takes drugs it can harm her unborn baby.

6. Part of throwing or enjoying a mean party is making sure everyone who you want there, or everyone who is there is having fun.

Keep scoping out what is happening around the place. If you need help never be afraid to ask for it.

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