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Stepping up and Speaking out

An active bystander Steps up and Speaks out if they see, hear, or become aware of behaviour that is disrespectful, harmful or violent.

To be an active bystander, follow the tips on this page.

Tips for Stepping up and Speaking out

  • Check out if it’s safe for you to act
  • Get others involved whenever you can
  • Get help if you need it at any time
  • Do not use violence
  • Be gentle: Approach people in a friendly way
  • Be clear and honest whenever you can
  • Avoid being aggro or doing anything that will make the situation worse
  • Keep checking that you are safe

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Step up and Speak out in 4 easy steps

To be an active bystander you need to:

1) Take notice of what is going on around you. If you see problems coming up, try to step in as early as possible. If you see something sexually disrespectful or harmful happening take notice and take action.

Remember: Trust your gut. If it feels like what’s happening is not ok - it probably isn’t! Don’t be a sheep. Have the confidence to make a stand. It may not make you popular, but if you make the decision to go against peer pressure you could really help someone out.

Did you know?

An American survey found 51% of teenage girls sent sexual messages or images due to pressure from a guy.

2) Take responsibility: we all have a role to play in stopping disrespectful or violent behaviour.

3) Choose the right strategy for the situation you are in. If you’re unsure of what’s the right move, get others to help you work it out.

4) Take action. Remember to check you can be safe before Stepping up and Speaking out. 

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