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What's stopping you?

Stepping up and Speaking out is not an easy thing to do - we get that. But the worry you might feel about getting involved is generally not as big as the hurt caused by the sexual disrespect or harm going on in front of you, or even sometimes not as big as the guilt you might feel if you’ve stood by watching someone being sexually disrespected or harmed and done nothing.

It takes courage to take a stand but when you do, you’re going to make a difference to both the person involved and your wider community.

Thoughts like these can stop us from Stepping up and Speaking out:

"It's not my problem."

We all need to play a role in promoting respect and stopping violence. Think about what you’d like others to do if someone you care about was being disrespected or harmed. You’d want someone to Step up and Speak out for them, right?

Did you know?

1 in 4 young people in a relationship said they’ve been called names, harassed or put down by their partner by txt or calls.

"It's not going to make any difference."

Even if the person being sexually harmful or violent just knows someone has seen them, it can make a difference. Any kind of action will make an impact, even the smallest ones. Step up and Speak out.

"It might make things worse."

One thing’s for sure, if we tolerate sexually disrespectful and violent behaviour things aren’t gonna get any better. Pick the right strategy, Keep Safe, Step up and Speak out.

"I might get hurt."

Stepping up and Speaking out is about intervening (getting involved to make a positive difference) in a safe, non-violent way. Choose a strategy that will most likely ensure your safety.

Did you know?

In the Youth 2007 study 26% of males and 12% of females said they had been in a serious physical fight.

"Maybe I'm making a big deal out of nothing."

Trust your instincts. If it doesn’t look, sound or feel respectful, it probably isn’t. Step-up and Speak-out.

"People fight all the time - it's normal."

Yes it’s normal for people to disagree but sexual violenceSexual Violence
Is a general term that covers any sexual stuff a person does not consent to.
, abuse and disrespect are not normal and never ok. Step up and Speak out.

"That person may deserve it or even hae started it."

Nobody deserves violence or disrespect and sure they may have started it but that doesn’t make it ok. Step up and Speak out.

"No one else cares that this is happening."

Stop going along with the crowd and do what you know is right. If you know it’s causing harm, be brave and step up and speak out.

Did you know?

37.9% of students said in the last 12 months someone had made sexual jokes, comments or gestures to them.

"Speaking out is embarrassing."

True that. It might be a bit embarrassing, but it’s gotta be worth it if you’re stopping the disrespect, harm or violence. Step up and speak out.

"I'm not a nark."

Stepping up and Speaking out does not mean you’re being a nark or that you’re weak. It’s a strong, courageous thing to do and simply means you want a safe community.

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Narking vs Stepping up and Speaking out

Narking  Stepping up and Speaking out 
Narking's about getting other people in trouble  Stepping up and Speaking out is about taking action of getting help to take care of yourself or someone else 
Narking is done to try and cause trouble  Stepping up and Speaking out tries to solve a problem 
Narking's about you wanting to hurt someone else yourself  Stepping up and Speaking out is about taking responsibility for yourself and those around you 

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